MEGGLE Lactose-free dairy products for your overall wellbeing

Food intolerances are a major concern for today’s health and wellness consumer. Can you imagine that nearly 65% of the global population is prone to lactose intolerance and the number is growing? This, in turn, has increased the demand for lactose free milk across the globe. The Lactose-Free Dairy Products market has grown by more than 5.4 percent globally. The various health benefits associated with the consumption of lactose-free milk is expected to drive the further growth of the market in the years ahead.

Let’s get #lactosefree trending!

It’s important to think about your unique situation when choosing lactose-free diet. This includes your nutritional needs and/or goals, possible digestive issues as well as likes and preferences. We are aware that many consumers will continue to appreciate cow’s milk. Lactose-free milk has the same nutritional value of regular cow’s milk, just with the addition of the lactase enzyme. Lactose- free milk is rich source of protein, phosphorus, calcium (important for the health of your bones and teeth), vitamin D, and B vitamins (energy production), riboflavin and has sweeter taste than regular milk aids in the breakdown of lactose in two types of sugar: galactose and glucose. Did you know that the lactose free yogurt contains double the amount of calcium compared to the almond milk yogurt? Knowing that our customers are unique, now we are looking for opportunities to extend and develop this product line by adding new innovative articles.

The innovative MEGGLE team of professionals is presenting the good dairy that our customers’ need and enjoy. With us you are free to enjoy the high quality dairy every day in your way! Eating lactose- free can be nutritious and delicious!