MÉGGLE means tradition, innovation, quality and success. Focusing on modernity, we continue to value traditions.
For your modern and innovative cuisine MEGGLE offers a variety of creams and cremes suitable for all pastry and cooking ideas. Cooking with MEGGLE creams and cremes is a real pleasure. They are unique products which you can use with your creative imagination and for various culinary ideas. They are attractive, abundant and suitable for multiple uses. We can assure you that will be satisfied with the excellent quality.

Creams for cooking, decoration and whipping

Along with our high quality milk, MEGGLE is also recognizable for its cooking and sweet creams. MEGGLE creams are an ideal addition for your dishes, because they offer top quality combined with perfect creamy taste. This makes our creams an indispensable accessory in gastronomic preparations. Feel free to indulge in culinary exhibitions because with MEGGLE cream you can really can’t go wrong.
Anyone who loves authentic, dense and more complete taste uses MEGGLE cream - a little secret that means a lot!

Cremes for whipping, decoration and cooking

MEGGLE cremes are resistant to acids, heat treatment, easy for preparation and gives a fine taste to all dishes. Suitable for cooking of different soups, sauces, spicy dishes and seasoning of various meat and pasta. MEGGLE whipping cremes are irreplaceable for preparation and decoration of icings, cakes, desserts and great variety of patisseries. The sweetened creamy fillings are always perfect with light vanilla taste and they are a real dream for the good cuisine.
Do not miss our innovative products!

Cream Soups

Living modern, busy lives, we find ourselves craving to eat healthier, but oftenly we do not have time to cook. But everyone loves a good soup!

That is why MEGGLE dairy experts created special recipes with dairy cream and finely selected ingredients that guarantee enjoyment with a rich taste and excellent quality. Innovation on the market - the first "ready to eat" cream soups with dairy cream in three different flavors.

Healthy and delicious food in just a few minutes!

Coffee cream, milk and creamer

If you like good coffee, with our MEGGLE coffee cream you will like it even more. MEGGLE coffee creamer has a rich and creamy taste and a pleasant aroma. МЕGGLE milk gives your coffee an exclusive and unique taste. Starting the day with the best addition to your coffee is a real pleasure to wake up to.