With the promise “The future tastes great”, we introduced an innovation to the Bulgarian market – a new line of MEGGLE Vegan products. Its aim is to meet the demands of an increasingly aware market that chooses products and foods of excellent taste and quality, created from raw materials of vegetable origin, without flavour enhancers and preservatives. MEGGLE Vegan products are lean, healthy and delicious just like products from the standard MEGGLE product line.

MEGGLE Vegan line includes MEGGLE Premium Vegan, which retains 100% of the taste of the popular MEGGLE butter, Vegan Mediterranes Brot, a pre-baked oven-baked bread flavoured with Mediterranean herbs and virgin olive oil and Rustikal Vegan baguette with herb creme.

All products from the MEGGLE Vegan line retain 100% the taste of the classic MEGGLE butter, are 100% plant-based and 100% quality guaranteed, as evidenced by the “V” vegan certificate sign, known throughout Europe.