MEGGLE Specialties

Butter is known as one of the most natural edible fats and along with cheese, is one of the oldest dairy products whose production dates back to 3000 BC.
As one of the best butter producers in Europe, MEGGLE uses valuable knowledge on how to enrich the most valuable ingredients during milk processing, combining traditionally favourite tastes and flavours with modern ones. An integral part of the daily breakfast, lunch and dinner of the whole family, ideal for cooking and complementing a variety of dishes, we offer numerous flavours and packages of MEGGLE specialties even for the most demanding taste.
Choose gourmet specialties for your taste – with MEGGLE butters, cheeses, spreads and baguettes everything is better prepared!

Butter and butter specialty, vegan alternative

MEGGLE Butter is produced in the heart of Bavaria from the best and most natural ingredients. With its nutritional qualities, it will contribute to your healthy and balanced diet. Indispensable in the cuisine and in the kitchen of every housewife, even a simple slice of bread with delicious MEGGLE butter becomes an irresistible culinary magic. With a little imagination you can use it in countless ways and enjoy its irresistible taste!
MEGGLE Butter with herbs and spices is another unique innovative product from the MEGGLE dairy family. This butter specialty perfectly complements a refined, rich and varied taste to any meat or barbecue, fish and seafood, vegetables, various sauces and pasta. It is a delicious addition to your dish and will turn it into a real masterpiece!                                                                                                      Our experts have also created the best plant-based alternative to butter. Absolutely vegetable and 100% delicious, the product impresses not only with a subtle note of butter, but also with an extremely delicate melting. Try wonderful quality with a vegan certificate!


At Meggle, there is a long tradition of the production of cheeses and spreads using both state-of-the-art technology and milk of proven quality. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, with these products, is a real pleasure and will satisfy even the greatest gourmets. Delight your family!

Peppers in cream

We found a sure way to love our gourmet! We present you a delicious speciality of selected pickled peppers, hand-filled with high-fat cream. MEGGLE sweet peppers in cream will delicately pamper your palate. And for lovers of stronger flavours, we have a spicy version that will charm you.

Baguettes with butter and Vegan bread

Crispy on the outside and soft and sumptuous on the inside! MEGGLE baguettes provide a real gastronomic delight. With their unique taste and aroma and high quality German butter, they are the perfect addition to your dishes. They are made according to the original MEGGLE recipe, deliciously seasoned with carefully selected ingredients and shaped to perfection.
Enjoy the fullness of the taste. The Germans would say - Mahlzeit!

And have you tried the new MEGGLE Vegan stone oven-bread with Mediterranean herb-creme, finely balanced with raw olive oil? And the delicious MEGGLE Vegan Rustikal baguette with herb-creme?