Refreshing and irresistibly delicious milk drinks – in our diverse portfolio you will find a drink to your taste!

Both in fashion and design, and in drinks, certain market trends determine what will be relevant and modern. You to be contemporary and we to be closer to you, we have initiated several innovations in MEGGLE sour-milk drinks and ayrians’ assortment.

Thanks to the thorough online survey, we conducted at the end of last year, the majority of consumers participating directed us to bet on a new fruity taste. The seasonal classic raspberry fruit turned out to be the most preferred. So, we added to the category a new seasonal drink with a fresh fine raspberry aroma, which is a real delight for the senses.

In addition, we updated the designs of the entire sour-milk drink category in line with the latest trends in modern artwork and finally we took a creative step forward by launching a new digital video campaign active online on Facebook and YouTube:

Brave and provocative. Fresh and modern. That is who you are and that is the new style of MEGGLE fruity drinks. Now, to the Strawberry, Mellon and Forest fruits, we add a new fresh flavour – Raspberry. Try them 🙂

We did not forget our most favorite classic refreshing ayrian, because we know that everyone loves it. Only with us the ayrian tastes as you like it and will satisfy the taste of everyone, at any time and on any occasion:

The future is here with the new, contemporary, fresh, new look of MEGGLE Ayrian.

Thank you for being with us, enjoying the MEGGLE products and content we share with you!

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