Salty dishes

Thai curry with chicken

15 min


» 400 g chicken breast
» 2 sprigs of Thai basil
» 1 red hot pepper
» 2 tablespoons green curry paste
» 40 g MEGGLE butter specialty with herbs
» 400 ml of coconut milk
» 100 g of bamboo sticks
» 2 – 3 tablespoons fish sauce
» 1 teaspoon brown sugar
» 1 tablespoon MEGGLE cooking cream


Clean the chicken and cut it into bite-sized pieces. Wash and finely chop the basil. Wash the pepperoni, remove the seeds, and cut it into thin rings. Heat the curry paste and butter with the herbs over a medium heat in a large pot. Add the meat. Then add the cream and the coconut milk, 100 ml of water and bamboo sticks. Then add the fish sauce and brown sugar to the meat and let it boil briefly. Season with basil and hot pepper to taste.